Shefali’s Baigan Burtha

And we’re back and with a recipe to boot! It has been a while. I know. Right now winter is quickly descending upon us in the northern hemisphere and for those of us who live in areas like NYC that means, winter jackets, hats, gloves and lots of roasted root vegetables, soups and if you’re me, heavy meaty stew type dishes. Well here’s a dish that will take you back to summer with it’s light vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients.  Also, I shot this video a few months ago when it was summer.  All good things taken time.  Isn’t that what they say? So really, it’s not so much a seasonal dish so much as a delicious one. If you can get eggplant, you can make baigan burtha.   This is Shefali’s take on it. By the way, this is also Shef’s you-food debut as a contributing cook – she’s been seen as a contributing eater several times.  So, I hope you enjoy the full video and the recipe.

Shef cooks up burtha


4 thoughts on “Shefali’s Baigan Burtha

  1. great recipe shefali! arlie and I are going to make it soon. clarence i am impressed that you did not yell at shefali at all during the video. you’ve really matured – or maybe it was a really good editing job.

  2. Ah yes, editing, like cooking, is a wonderful thing. And it’s not called yelling. It’s called directing.

  3. Yum! Eggplant is the best. I can’t to wait make that for the Iz. She’s an eggplant junkie. I can;t believe we had to wait so long for your debut, Shefali!

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