The Newest Delicious Ting!!!

Okay I think I’ve done it. At seven months since my last post, I’ve broken the record of the longest time between blog entries in the history of blogging! It seems rather appropriate since personal blogs seem to be becoming historical relics in and of themselves. No matter. I’m back. And I come bearing excuses for my absence. First of all I’m lazy. Second of all, I’ve been working pretty much straight for the last 8 months which is kind of an anomaly for me and has left me with little free time to blog (I’m lazy, remember?) And third of all,  the main reason why I’ve been lacking in time is Shefali and I went and had ourselves a little dumpling! That is, we had a baby girl almost three months ago. Her name is Kaya. And to judge by her size at birth and and her prodigious growth these past few months, my girl is an eater! Ok, it’s been all breast milk thus far, but we’ve been eating the same variety of delicious food so hopefully it’s all filtering through mom’s boobs and into Kaya’s stomach so that when she does start eating solid food, she’ll be well primed to eat good tings! I must say, it’s true all those clichés about the life altering aspects of having a child. I have never loved anyone like I love my daughter. She is the best thing I’ve ever had a hand in creating (and I really didn’t have to do that much). But one of the things I’m most excited about is introducing her to the world of food, cooking for her and of course eating with her. For now, please enjoy a few photos of our dumpling. As a new dad, I can’t resist.



3 thoughts on “The Newest Delicious Ting!!!

  1. Love it, Clarence! Kaya is a beauty and you and Shefali seem like pros at it all. Some of my/our fondest memories so far with Jacob are based around food experiences. We’ve had some with Aidan but can’t wait to eat for real as a family. We just know he’s going to eat well with us. Haha! Love your pictures! Your entry also makes me miss noshin’ with you! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this post, satiating in so many ways! Clarence is as good in fathering as he is in cooking!

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