Memorable Meals, Autumn-Winter, 2009. Part 2

As, promised and in record time (as far as blogging turn around time for me) I give you the second installment of Memorable Meals (late 2009).  This one is focused on a few delicious dinners that we cooked at home for ourselves and our friends.  As with any middle chapter in a trilogy, you’ll find this segment a bit more profound and complex wherein the hero’s journey takes  perhaps a dark and unexpected twist.  Or not.  We just had a lot of fun and ate some really good food. Click on the cheesecake below for the full skinny – or in this case, the full fat.

Pumpkin Cheesecake from Juniors.


Katie’s Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto

Say what?  Exactly.  Until last year, Katie and Bret (aka Meatball Hands) had never cooked with Jerusalem artichokes.  But they got them last year in their CSA vegetable box.  Wondering what to do, they perused their copy of the venerable Silver Spoon Cookbook which lists recipes by their main ingredients and they found a recipe for Jerusalem artichoke risotto which they made and said was absolutely delicious.  This year, they got Jerusalem artichokes again and I was fortunate enough to be invited for the encore preparation of the delicious meal.  And fortunately for all of you, I documented the cooking process so that you all might enjoy and perhaps duplicate.  Click on the delicious tuber below for the full dish.

Katie holds up a prime example of the delicious tuber


Well hello there…

… and welcome to my humble website/ blog. It’s still a bit of a work in progress so I hope you understand the general lack of slickness of this site and the fact that certain aspects could change at a moment’s notice. Think of it as you would improvising in the kitchen. Or think of it is as the endeavor of a totally amateur cook and slow-to-learn-basic-web-stuff guy. I welcome any comments suggestions and contributions (of the web content variety – though I wouldn’t turn away monetary compensation – sheeeeit!). Well, I hope you brought your appetite. Enjoy.