Tim and Zainab’s pork chops and peanut stew

Pork chops + soy sauce, sugar and a few other ingredients = delicious. Right? Well for this Asian brother that’s a no brainer. But what if the equation was tilapia + peanut butter and a bunch of other stuff? Would the sum of those parts still be delicious? Well, click on the photos below for the answer as well as videos and recipes for both dishes. Here’s a hint: Um…. yes.

Nature's Candy

peanut stew? yes.


I Like Pig Butts and I cannot lie…

… so delicious you can’t deny!
This is the story of how one and a half pork shoulders (butts) became numerous pulled pork sandwiches that were consumed by many people whom upon tasting the tender meat looked towards the heavens and asked the Creator, “Is this, oh All Knowing One, the secret to life?”

Intrigued?  Well, click on the photo below for the full story and the video of how this transcendent meal came to be.

Tender pulled pork sandwhich with homemade barbecues sauce dill pickles and red cabbage cole slaw.