July 4th (2011)!!!

Shef and I hosted our third annual July 4th grill fest and I must say it was a success. And by “success” I mean there was a lot of delicious food and nobody left hungry. As has become tradition, I made my famous C’s Pulled Pork ™. And by “famous” I mean it’s known among friends to be pretty damn good. To add to the porkiness, I also made some ribs, because really, pork spare ribs are basically like pulled pork but on the bone – at least the way I make them.  Also, we grilled up some jerk chicken using this marinade that Michelle L. brought back for us on her recent trip to Jamaica.  This marinade is called Eaton’s and it is the bomb.  Our lovely guests brought all sorts of goodies like sausage, steak, corn, watermelon, banana cream pie, homemade coconut ice cream…  mmm…  Please enjoy some photos.


Memphis Meals – Third Night

Third Night – Cozy Corner
This special little place was recommended by two work colleagues who spent a lot of time in Memphis and who also know a thing or two about food.  Some might call this place a hole in the wall.  I call the wood paneling, blue vinyl booths and 70s soul playing on the old stereo speakers, ambiance. The rib tip meal I got was a little luke warm but that could be because it was almost closing time which could also explain the massive serving I got.  The meaty tips came wet – that is, in a pool of tangy and peppery sauce that sent shock waves to my brain.  I could not help but periodically grunt to my self. “Oh, it’s so good!”

Made it just before closing time.

This is where all the magic happens. Too bad he was cleaning up already.

This is my still life: red cup, blue seat, brown wood paneling.

This mountain of meat came soaked in a peppery sauce of deliciousness. Don't worry. It's the photo that's out of focus, not your vision - though seeing this fatty meat kind of blurred vision for a minute. I ate the whole thing.

Final verdict: Really good (could have been great had my meat been more than room temperature).

Next post: fourth and fifth night.



Almir's self rotating meat roaster

A few weeks ago Shef and I embarked on our summer holiday which consisted of a road trip to the Southwest (view photos here) bookended by two weekends in LA.  The first weekend we went to my college friend Ben’s wedding (congrats again to Ben and Maria on a beautiful wedding and amazing food – mmmm hand made tortillas!). The second weekend in LA was for the expressed purpose of attending our friends Jacob and Sari’s eighth annual Brazilian churrasco. Again, Almir Santre brought his expertise and culinary talents to bare and served up delicious grilled meats of all varieties to a lovely and appreciative group of Sari and Jacob’s family and friends (in whose number we thank our lucky stars to be included). For those long time you-food readers (probably numbering in the single digits – sad but true) you might remember the description and back story of Jacob and Sari’s BBQ as written about in Food Weekend in LA.  With the exception that everyone has gotten two years older, not much has changed except that the video you see below you is now in HD which means the juiciness of the meat comes through a little bit clearer.  Sorry, no smellovision or tastovision… yet.


Summer’s here and that means ribs!

… although I’m actually a fan of eating ribs at all times of the year.  I just needed to give this post a title.

Wassup y’all?!  C Ting is back.   Sorry for the long hiatus.  I was  working quite hard (yes believe it) on a project that frankly took a lot of time and mental energy so I just didn’t have much to give back to you-food. Sorry, you-food and all you three readers of the site.  It’s been too long.  But you can thank the unemployment gods for kicking in and making sure I have ample time to to get back to basics: cooking, eating and thinking about food. You-food.net is back in effect!

Alright  the weekend before last I went to the Big Apple BBQ Festival with the intention of gorging myself on delicious BBQ from pitmasters around the country where bbq reigns supreme. Instead, I was met with ridiculous, meandering lines of people waiting for God knows how long for what were probably delicious but undoubtedly skimpy servings of bbq meat. Perhaps it was worth it and the meat was truly delicious.  I will never know because I didn’t have the patience to wait in line as the rain came pouring down.  But all the smells of sizzling, smoked meat and seeing people nosh on pulled pork, brisquet, sausages and ribs did put me in the mood to bbq some of my own ribs.  So I hight-tailed it to Chinatown, fortified myself with some tasty dumplings (I hadn’t eaten – remember, I was expecting to be filled my stomach with bbq) and went to the Chinese butchers hop where I bought myself a nice two pound rack of pork spare ribs. A couple days later, I went up to the rooftop deck of our apt building and cooked me up some ribs! And then I ate ’em.  Click on the photo below for the full story and recipe.

Eating is believing.


A meat frenzy in the City of Angels

Oi, tuto bem?  That’s Portuguese for “what up, yo?”  Here’s another word for you: churrasco.  That’s Portuguese for Brazilian style bbq wherein a variety of meats are slow cooked over charcoal until dripping with juicy deliciousness and then sliced into little morsels for people to eat over the course of several hours.  In other words, it’s a little slice of heaven.

And thanks to Jake and Sari who opened up their home and back yard to Almir Santre whose skill, talent and marinades have no rivals that I’m aware of, I got to spend a few blessed hours in heaven last weekend. Click on the mouth watering photo below to read more about the bbq and the rest of the blessed food weekend in LA.

really, have you ever seen a prettier sight?