Adam and Alicia’s Latke Fest!

Latkes: deep fried and delicious... and nutritious because there was a little bit of zucchini in them.

This past weekend was a weekend of good eating.  Chief among the the good eats were the latkes at Adam and Alicia’s apartment for Latke Fest 2011 (Hebrew calender 5772). The call came later then usual (we were all secretly worried that perhaps there would be no call at all) but when the call came, we answered.   According to Adam, this was the fifth annual latke get together.  Unfortunately, there was no duck fat frying as there was last year. Instead, Niels brought figs and parmesan wrapped in prosciutto – not the most kosher of appetizers –  but delicious nonetheless.  The latkes, as usual, were divine.  Fried to golden perfection and served with the requisite sour cream and apple sauce they were a crispy, savory and mildly sweet delight, I sense G-D him/herself was beaming down in approval.  Oh yeah and there was matzo ball soup and Katie made these ridiculous macaroons half dipped in chocolate that were like mounds candy bars for rich people (hmmm… candy for the 1%). I left that night with the cholesterol of an eighty year old man. Holiday food kicks ass!  Check out the vid for a sense of what I’m talking about.  Unfortunately you can’t smell the deep fried goodness, which on second thought is probably a good thing for your clothes.


Kei and Minori’s Katsu Curry!

And now, get ready for something completely delicious. Minori and Kei cook up a batch of Japanese comfort food: Japanese curry and tonkatsu (katsu- for short). And even if you’ve never had katsu curry (I am saddened by the culinary poverty you have experienced up until this point) you will be comforted by the rich and thick gravy  of Japanese curry and the crisp succulent bite of the deep fried pork cutlet. Alright, let’s get down to business. Click on the photo below for the full recipes and amazing cooking videos.

Kei and Minori - drunk on goodness