Soojin’s Vegetarian Bibimbap

I have no qualms in admitting that this blog is decidedly meat-centric. But, in the interest of greater balance (and healthier bowels) I’ll sometimes include an entry sans meat.  So in that vein, my friend Soojin brings to you a vegetarian option: vegetarian bibimbap. “But,” you say, ” how can this classic rice dish from Korea – home of one of the great meat eating culinary traditions – hold up without meat?”  Well, I’m hear to say it holds up quite well. In fact it’s delicious and Soojin’s version is rather light and refreshing if one can consider a big bowl of rice with a bunch of stuff in it light and refreshing. Click on the photo below for the full recipe and to watch Soojin prepare her delightful version of bibimbap.

Fresh and delicious


Michelle L: Bangkok Food Court Fanatics

Alright here’s another post from a fellow lover of travel and food, Michelle L. who this summer did what everybody should do at least once in their lives: traveled to Southeast Asia and ate like mofo.  Actually after the first time you do this, you will be hooked probably and go several more times.  Expect more delicious posts from her in the future.
-C. Ting

Bangkok Food Court Fanatics

For those of you who love travel as much as I do, let me divulge to you the secrets of budget dining in Bangkok, Thailand. No, no you can skip the red plastic seating and no longer have to turn your head as dishes are being washed in unknown sources of water. As much as we all love to eat with the locals, I will tell you where the other locals are eating; that’s right people, they are eating in the food courts!

Click on the mango sticky rice for the full story!