Shefali’s Baigan Burtha

And we’re back and with a recipe to boot! It has been a while. I know. Right now winter is quickly descending upon us in the northern hemisphere and for those of us who live in areas like NYC that means, winter jackets, hats, gloves and lots of roasted root vegetables, soups and if you’re me, heavy meaty stew type dishes. Well here’s a dish that will take you back to summer with it’s light vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients.  Also, I shot this video a few months ago when it was summer.  All good things taken time.  Isn’t that what they say? So really, it’s not so much a seasonal dish so much as a delicious one. If you can get eggplant, you can make baigan burtha.   This is Shefali’s take on it. By the way, this is also Shef’s you-food debut as a contributing cook – she’s been seen as a contributing eater several times.  So, I hope you enjoy the full video and the recipe.

Shef cooks up burtha


Simon and Jen get a serving of big Italian meat.

Alright you all. You’re in for a treat.  My friends Simon and Jen recently went to Italy where they soaked in the old world culture and charm and basically engorged themselves with some of the most delicious food known to man and woman.  But don’t take my word for it.  Take theirs.  Follow their gastronomic chronicles on their excellent travel blog.  For a taste of what I’m talking about, click on this charming photo of Simon and Jen living la dolce vita for a riveting account of Simon’s interactions with some top grade Italian meat.

buono appetito!

-C. Ting


Michelle L: Bangkok Food Court Fanatics

Alright here’s another post from a fellow lover of travel and food, Michelle L. who this summer did what everybody should do at least once in their lives: traveled to Southeast Asia and ate like mofo.  Actually after the first time you do this, you will be hooked probably and go several more times.  Expect more delicious posts from her in the future.
-C. Ting

Bangkok Food Court Fanatics

For those of you who love travel as much as I do, let me divulge to you the secrets of budget dining in Bangkok, Thailand. No, no you can skip the red plastic seating and no longer have to turn your head as dishes are being washed in unknown sources of water. As much as we all love to eat with the locals, I will tell you where the other locals are eating; that’s right people, they are eating in the food courts!

Click on the mango sticky rice for the full story!


Swish, swish, shabu shabu….

After hearing Clarence speak of his adventures in The Land of the Rising Sun, my adopted country of three glorious years, I (Michelle L.) was inspired to finally add my first entry to YouFood! And now that the winds have graced us here in New York City, what could be more fitting than having hot pot! So let us begin with one day in Asakusa, one of many neighbourhoods of Tokyo, Japan. Itadakimasu!

Click on the sake bins for the full story.