Caipirinha Anglo Style

Summer is the time for refreshing tropical cocktails like mojitos, margaritas, and caipirinhas. When my dad said he was going to make caipirinhas to celebrate Brazil’s victory over the United States in the FIFA Confederations Cup final, I didn’t know whether to curse his blasphemy or sing his praises. Suffice it to say, I forgave his lack of loyalty to our adopted homeland after a few sips of this delicious, relaxing libation.


1 lime
1 heaping teaspoon raw cane sugar
70 ml cachaça
Ice to fill glass

Based on my dad’s recipe, the caipirinha is quite simple to make. Just cut a lime into 8 wedges, add the sugar and muddle together thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Add ice to fill the glass and pour over the cachaça. Finally stir the mixture well so that a lime wedge is brought to the top of the ice.

Sit back and enjoy, preferably with some Nara Leao playing in the background.


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