Soojin’s Bibimbap

For her first you-food dish, Soojin was kind enough to make the classic Korean rice dish, bibimpap.  Now I’m usually accustomed to ordering this dish in Korean restaurants where it comes in a hot stone bowl which continues to cook the rice until it forms a nice crunchy crust of browned/ burned rice.  And I also usually get it with pork or beef or whatever other meat I can.  Soojin’s home version however is almost a summer version of bibimbap. There’s no stone bowl.  She serves it at room temperature.  And while you could definitely add meat or an egg, she made hers with just vegetables (yes, it is possible) which makes it a little bit lighter – so you can eat more.   Here’s her recipe and the video of her cooking it below.

bibimbap recipe:
Rick(Sticky Korean Rice)
Sea Weed
Red Onion

Ko Chu Jiang(Korean Chili Pepper Paste)
Sesame Oil
Sesame Seed
Rice Vinegar


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