Tim and Zainab’s pork chops and peanut stew

Pork chops + soy sauce, sugar and a few other ingredients = delicious. Right? Well for this Asian brother that’s a no brainer. But what if the equation was tilapia + peanut butter and a bunch of other stuff? Would the sum of those parts still be delicious? Well, click on the photos below for the answer as well as videos and recipes for both dishes. Here’s a hint: Um…. yes.

Nature's Candy

peanut stew? yes.


Caipirinha Anglo Style

In celebration of the Brazilian victory in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, our host (Ben’s Dad) demonstrates how to make your own caipirinha. Caipirinha is a popular brazilian cocktail made with lime juice, cachaça, and sugar. U.S. fans will want to watch to, as this recipe will surely make you forget the tragic loss!

Click on the photo for the full recipe.