Michelle L: Sweet wanderings in a Bangkok mall

Over in Siam Square, way way east of the horrid backpackers’ ghetto of Kao San road, lies the epitome of civilization: the mall. Here in Bangkok, aside from limitless shopping opportunities, the mall is where young and old consume an array of Thai dishes at an affordable price after a day of shopping or after a long, work day. Siam Paragon is tops according to Kaen, but one can also eat at MBK or Siam Center. Some food courts give you a credit card that enables you to charge a variety of dishes at various stalls and ask that you pay at the end of your meal. Other food courts use a debit system whereby you load up a dollar value and then debit the purchase at each food stall. Any remaining funds can be cashed out at the end of your visit. It can be confusing for first timers, but on this glorious day, we were with the locals!

Sonali and her husband Kaen taught us how to maneuver through the Food Court system and gave Susan and I a tasty welcome to Bangkok. We finished dinner off with some not-to-miss Thai desserts, namely Mango Sticky Rice and Kanam Krok. Susan took the first bite and loved it. As Kaen watched me consume my first bite of the Mango Sticky Rice, my non-poker face revealed that I was satisfied, but not enamoured. Mango sticky rice is warmed, sweet mango accompanied with coconut sticky rice. Unfortunately, what Kaen did not know about me is that I am impartial to food that has crunch and texture. And the mango sticky rice although good, didn’t have a wow factor, for me anyway. Maybe it was his Thai pride, but Kaen came back determined to find some kind of dessert that would impress me.

And sure enough he did, Kanam Krok are tiny little pancakes/crepes filled with coconut cream and other fillings like corn and scallions. When freshly made in a cast iron griddle, the batter has a slight crunch and the coconut cream that has solidified into a custard-like concoction is simply delectable. These desserts are easily found at actual street vendors all around Bangkok. But, we thank Kaen and Sonali for making us want to return to Bangkok for the desserts alone!


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